Commissioning bespoke furniture is a rewarding and exiting process. It gives you the opportunity to
have something original designed around who you are, your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your
home. Here at Matthew McManus Bespoke Furniture your ideas are turned into fabulous creations
to suit your environment. We are a company which ensures there will be nothing ‘lost in translation’ from initial idea to installed project. Matthew is in charge of the project every step of the way

Consultation – Style and function

During your initial meeting with us, we will listen to what you want and how you envisage using the
space and use what we learn to create a brief for the project. All aspects will be outlined covering your needs, the style of cabinets, any building work being carried out, budget and timescale. We will help get the best use out of your space! After which we will take a survey on which to base our CAD designs. From this initial meeting and with some occasionally additional contact we will move on to step 2 where we will turn your ideas into detailed concept drawings.


Design – 3D CAD renderings

At this stage Matthew takes the initial concept and transforms it into amazingly accurate computer images. It is with the assistance of the renderings and samples that details are discussed like style of handle, trim and finish. Through discussion amendments a final design can be agreed. Once complete we will be able to give you an exact cost and time your project will take. Once you are happy with the design and the quotation, you will be asked to pay a deposit. Your order will then be booked into the workshop schedule and you will be advised of a delivery date. At this point we will return to site to make final accurate measurements thereby eliminating any chances of errors.

kitchen layout rev2c copy
kitchen layout rev2a copy

Manufacture – Accuracy and harmony

With the designs signed off we will start construction using the most appropriate materials and production techniques for the situation to creatively fulfil your design requirements. Our knowledge of building techniques, jigs and tooling enable the furniture to be constructed with the greatest accuracy whilst his attention to detail and enthusiasm for furniture that works well results in harmonious perfection. At key stages of the project being made we will e-mail updates of progress although you may, if you wish, visit the workshop and see your project in construction.


Installation – Service and respect

Once the manufacture is complete, Matthew will oversee delivery, fitting and installation of the furniture